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Schutzhund is a German word meaning “protection dog”. It is a sport that focuses on three parts of the dogs training, tracking, obedience and protection. It also measures the dog’s intelligence, utility, mental stability, endurance, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage and trainability. Photographing these dogs train and work has been one of my favorite jobs I have had as a photographer. This image was made for Wayne Simanovich, www.simanovich.com, of one of his handlers with a Schutzhund trained GSD. I was lucky enough to work with Wayne many times and eventually bought a German Shepherd puppy from him and did some training with Wayne and crew. Here is my dog, Steichen, (Sty-ken), at 10 weeks old.


The rate of growth here in Charlotte, NC is almost staggering, cranes everywhere uptown and housing being built everywhere. We are the 16th largest city in the US with a population of around 890000, at this rate we will be at over a million people soon. Good to see the progress but many of the roads are having some issues with handling the traffic, and many of the condos and townhouses are being built on streets that can not be widened to handle more traffic.

Sunny Side Up

Lou Donaldson, Sunny Side Up. Recorded on the Blue Note label in 1960. Good hard bop jazz where some of his later albums had a funky vibe.

Donaldson was born in Baden, North Carolina in 1926, a WW ll Navy veteran and was a very talented composer/saxophonist. 

This particular reissue was released by Analogue Productions and pressed onto two 45 rpm audiophile quality records. Blue Note Records always had some stellar album covers by designer Reid Miles. Happy to have this in my collection.

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