Black and white image of three men in silhouette on stairs in an urban setting.
Young man walking down a city sidewalk while looking up at the sky
Image of two African American children and a man walking along a cobblestone area along the riverfront in Savannah, Georgia.
Man in uptown setting checking his cell phone with a street light and fire hydrant in the foreground
silhouette of man in a hoodie walking down the sidewalk with dramatic light and shadows on the building behind him
Black and white image of a female jogger running thru a tunnel by a creek.
Silhouette of three people as they are photographed at the end of a long metal tunnel during construction on a busy city street
Man in black hat and suit walking past a one way sign on a city sidewalk
Man jogging past the stairs of a vintage parking garage in uptown Charlotte, NC
image of a woman walking on the sidewalk past a leaning tree in city
silhouette of of man walking by an alley with arrows painted on the wall
Looking down a staircase of a man and his reflection in the window of a city building
A single silver chair in front of a vendors stall
Images photographed from above looking down at a young African American man walking across a plaza
woman photographed from a staircase walking on a city sidewalk
African American male in a suit walking along the sidewalk under an overpass with a large column.
African American man in NY baseball hat walking by.
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