Anderson's Restaurant in Charlotte, NC outdoor neon sign photographed very early in the morning
Order tickets waiting to get filled in a restaurant kitchen
Line cook looking at an oder ticket in kitchen
Portrait of an African American female cook in restaurant kitchen
Pots and pans hanging from restaurant kitchen ceiling
Female waitress racing thru restaurant kitchen to deliver orders to customers
Aluminum pie pans on a metal shelf in a restaurant kitchen
Pecan pies on pie racks in restaurant kitchen
Arrow on a wall indicating which way the restroom is
Aluminum tin full of corn muffins in a restaurant kitchen
Restaurant employee distracted while making tea
Aluminum tin full of biscuits
Mostly empty glasses of water and ice tea in a restaurant
Waitress moving quickly thru restaurant kitchen to deliver food orders
A sign on a restaurant employees restroom door saying do not smoke in bathroom
Kitchen line cook taking a cigarette break on a stair case
Smiling man washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen
A male employee takes a break from sweeping the floor of the restaurant on it's last day of being open
A male line cook taking a cigarette break outside of the restaurant
A sign on a restaurant door indicating they have run out of food for the day.
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