a center court view of a outdoor basketball court without any players
a dramatic color image of a unoccupied staircase for a multi deck parking garage in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina
a moody black and white unoccupied parking garage with dramatic lighting and without any cars
a black and white image of a clear piece of plastic covering a broken car window blowing in the wind. an unoccupied car waiting for a window repair
an old tarp covered car by the showroom entrance of an old metal building
dramatic light and shadows in an empty urban parking garage
three large round lights reflecting in the window ofa vacant office in the city
a old parking deck with "love" graffiti spray painted on the exterior wall
an old pair of shoes nailed to a telephone pole by a church
an empty dolly in front of old steel doors behind a restaurant
a moody late night image of a empty sidewalk and streetlamp with dramatic light and shadows
the interior of a unoccupied newly constructed parking garage
The entrance to a small building with number Vault-61 on the door
the entrance to an old building in Charlotte, NC that is in the process of being demolished
a Burger King soft drink cup left by a narrow window of an old vacant building
Ceiling lights in a dark parking garage in an urban setting.
dramatic black and white image of the entrance to a parking deck with a direction arrow and ceiling lights
several empty chairs placed randomly by loading area door
light and shadows on a city sidewalk
a very old brick wall from an old building being supported with wooden beams
The Charlotte Observer building demolition photographed through a fence
parking deck with direction arrows on the floor and wall
An old brick wall with strands of light bulbs
an unoccupied office space photographed from a city sidewalk in Charlotte, NC
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