Portrait of Jorge Fernandez taken at International House in Charlotte, NC
smiling african-american woman in a black sweater leaning across a booth in a restaurant while gesturing with her left hand
a caucasian male in his twenties wearing a blue suit with a purple bow tie standing with his hands behind his back in an office hallway
young caucasian woman in purple at her workstation in a printing plant
african american male with beard sitting on a stationary bike in a gym
art teacher in art school room
a young african-american man seated on a bench looking out the window of  The Harvey B. Gantt Center For African-American Arts and Culture
older asian man in hat playing pool
an older caucasian man with white curly hair wearing khakis and a blue denim shirt sitting in his office with memorabilia on the wall behind him
african american woman at her workstation in a printing plant
older white male with beard adjusting the ink flow on his printing press
a african american man in a blue jacket holding an old photograph of a female relative as he kneels by her grave site in a wooded area
smiling caucasian male with eyeglasses in a dark blue suit at his stand up desk in his office
man with mustache and cigar sitting on his harley davidson motorcycle
a woman of Indian decent wearing a blue jacket, blue shirt and blue jeans sitting on the arm of a couch with her arms crossed in her living room
a smiling man in a plaid shirt with his hand in his pocket standing at the bar at sierra nevada brewing company in north carolina. Brian Grossman
WBTV anchor Maureen O'Boyle photographed in her living room. attractive caucasian female in a teal colored top sitting on a couch in her living room with warm light in the background
middle age caucasian male in the company hallway
Uiversity of North Carolina Charlotte head basketball coach Mark Price in his office. caucasian man in a green shirt at his desk in his office
a caucasian female in a red barn jacket and blue jeans leaning in the doorway of an old barn while her german shepherd dog looks out
young woman with blonde hair by an old barn
african american young man in a gold shirt sitting in front of a vintage car
Petit Philippe Wine Shop Owners. caucasian male and female inside the wine shop they own
caucasian woman in her thirties with blonde hair wearing a black top and light orange sweater holding a cup of tea while leaning on a counter top in her kitchen
smiling young african american man wearing a red plaid shirt and a baseball hat on backwards outdoors with greenery in the background
asian male looking at two computer displays
smiling middle age caucasian male in a gray sweater holding a golf club on a golf course with a pond and trees behind him
person whose face is obscured by from holding several gifts all nicely wrapped in red wrapping paper inside a mansion with black and white tile floors
very fit african american male in a white tank top standing by a wedding cake while eating icing from piping bag
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