Executive portrait of David Wilson.
Environmental portrait of young caucasian corporate man.
Photograph of a a member of the University At North Carolina Charlotte taken on the schools football field
Portrait of Celeros CEO Jose Larios taken in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Portrait of an American University alumni photographed at The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture in Charlotte, North Carolina
Outdoor portrait of an avid cyclist at Morrow Mountain in North Carolina
Photograph of  hospital operating room specialists taken in a hospital operating room
Outdoor portrait of Billy Freeman with a photograph of his Great Great Grandmother at her gravesite in Wilmington, North Carolina
Editorial portrait of WBTV lead anchor Maureen O'Boyle
Rotary Club International Peace Fellowships Master's Degree Candidates at Duke University in Durham, NC.
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company North Carolina manager Brian Grossman
Portrait of ZGM Brand co founder Melanie Guinn
Photograph of young boy photographed for Cardinal Innovations
Portrait of singer, song writer, musician Derek McFarland playing his guitar
Photograph of a caring female nurse checking on a young girl who is a patient
Amy Woods Brinkley
Executive portrait of SPX CEO Gene Lowe
Environmental portrait of two Indian doctors at Atrium Health
Photograph of teenage girl and her german shepherd dog in the back of an old pick up truck
Photograph of an African American boy carrying his younger brother on his back
Image of an African American woman doing yoga outdoors on a large wood deck
Outdoor photograph of a young woman and her Ducati motorcycle, taken on the side of a winding road in the country
Portrait of a female swimmer photographed at an indoor pool
Environmental portrait of a scientist at Milliken & Company
Young female office employee with headset looking at the camera and smiling
Three African American female students in a classroom
African American woman looking at camera after her workout at the gym
Environmental portrait of a Asian corporate man
Portrait of a smiling female attorney in a conference room
Photo of an African American corporate man.
Environmental portrait of a man in a blue shirt and blue jeans sitting on blue stairs
Outdoor portrait of a K9 handler with his German Shepherd dod
Man with part of a motor bearing at Pioneer Motor Bearing in Kings Mountain, NC.
Female photography enthusiast talking photos outdoors
Outdoor photograph of a young girl softball player with a cast on her broken arm
African American teenager standing up in his classroom addressing his teacher and students
Man hugging his smiling senior mother outside of their Bed & Breakfast, The Morehead Inn in Charlotte, NC
Editorial portrait of Tom Gabbard, President and CEO of Blumenthal Performing Arts.
Editorial portrait of WBTV weatherman Larry Sprinkle taken on the set of WBTV News.
Photograph of a financial advisors looking at his computer display.
Owner of a fabric and yarn plant on the plant floor
Man using a drill press at a plant that produces motor bearings.
Outdoor editorial portrait of a man playing his guitar while leaning against a brick wall
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