A young Caucasian woman inspecting glass vials at her workstation at a bio tech company. charlotte commercial photographer
A person counting small glass vials at a biopharmaceutical lab in North Carolina.
A man in yellow goggles and a clean room suit in a lab in a biopharmaceutical laboratory.
Several glass vials with yellow tops on a conveyor in a lab.
a blue latex gloved hand inspecting yellow jackets on a white table in a bio tech lab.
Caucasian woman with red hair in a blue parka taking inventory in a bio tech company freezer. commercial photography
stacks of petri dishes on a metal shelf
A young female in a white lab suit, face mask and hair net in a biopharmaceutical lab. location photographer in charlotte
Small glass vials in a biopharma lab.
Close up of latex gloved hands taking a sample out of a glass vial with a syringe.
A young Caucasian woman inspecting glass vials at  biopharmaceutical lab.
African American woman wearing goggles and a clean room suit placing glass beakers on shelves at bio tech lab.
A female bio pharmaceutical lab employee in a clean room suit at her work station.
A young man doing research in a bio tech laboratory.
A smiling young woman in the biopharma lab where she works. charlotte commercial photographer.
a young Caucasian man in goggles and a white lab coat measuring some liquid in the lab where he works
A young woman in goggles and a clean room suit with crates behind her in a biopharmaceutical lab.
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