Andersons Restaurant
exterior neon signage of andersons restaurant in the early morning while still dark
metal food order clips lined up in a restaurant kitchen
a kitchen line cook looking at food orders
a stack of several white plates in a kitchen restaurant
Smiling African America woman leaning across a restaurant booth while gesturing with her left hand
a server in a kitchen restaurant rushing out with several plates of food to deliver to customers
caucasian woman with black hair wearing a t shirt leaning against an open door to a restaurant
several baked biscuits in a aluminum pan
a row of several small bowls lined up on a shelf in a restaurant kitchen
african american man with shaved head in a restaurant kitchen with a stack of white dinner plates in the foreground
stacks of aluminum pie plates on a metal shelf in a kitchen restaurant
a restaurant server entering double doors leading into the kitchen
a smiling african american man washing dishes in a restaurant kitchen
several pecan pies on a pie rack
pots and pans hanging from a ceiling rack in a restaurant kitchen
smiling african american woman in a floral shirt and white apron in a restaurant kitchen
a server rushing out of a restaurant kitchen with food orders
a smiling young african american male in an apron holding a broom and dustpan in the dining area of a restaurant
several pots and a plate on a messy restaurant stove after a hectic day
three deep fryer baskets and handles in a kitchen
a restaurant cook taking a break while sitting on metal stairs at the back of the restaurant kitchen
african american man sitting on a ledge in front of a large window with curtains in a restaurant
hand made sign on a door saying do not smoke in bathroom
small hand made sign in a kitchen rerstaurant saying do not lift toaster grate with knife
a african american man taking a break from sweeping an empty restaurant floor
a restaurant line cook taking a cigarette break outside the restaurant on a late afternoon
a note on the door of a restaurant notifying customers they are closed because they ran out of food and will be open in the morning
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