unoccupied beachfront in Wilmington North Carolina

Freeman Beach / Seabreeze area, (about it's history article here).

Billy Freeman and and another unidentified African American man standing on sand dunes at Freeman Beach in North Carolina
African American male showing very old images of Seabreeze Resort near Wilmington, NC
freeman beach near wilmington, north carolina
older african american male with glasses wearing a black jacket on a beach in north carolina
several tire tracks in the sand on a beach
older african american male in a white sweater standing on a beach in north carolina
headstone and grave site of Charity Freeman in a wooded area near wilmington, nc
african amercan man in a blue jacket holding an old photograph of a female relative while kneeling by her grave site in a wooded area
a long paved two lane road leading past a vacant very old white one story brick building
a white vacant two story building with porches along a two lane road with a gravel parking lot
a torn awning above a window on an old white vacant brick building
the front of a vacant very old white brick building showing the entrance and two windows
an old red and white one story building that is a lounge
two very old white brick picnic style tables in a grassy open area
an isolated old white brick one story building with nothing around it
steps, front porch and red doors to an old white house that is falling apart
inlet with a long pier on a sunny day with a blue sky
water from a seaside inlet with reflections of pier support poles
a pier on an inlet with another pier and a moving crane in the background
fishing nets and a large truck tire underneath a covered area by an old building
an upside down garbage can
an old pier at an seaside inlet with a rusty chain and lock on a gate keeping people from entering
beautiful water at a unoccupied seaside inlet in the late afternoon
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