A young African American man in a hoodie. Contemporary street photography, Rick Hovis
A man in a pork pie hat standing on sidewalk as people pass by. Contemporary photography, Charlotte, Rick Hovis.
A lone man walking down a city sidewalk past a parking garage.
A man walking past the Il Grande Disco sculpture in uptown Charlotte, NC. Contemporary photography.
A man pointing to another man in an urban setting.
A lone person standing near columns in front of a building. Art photography, Charlotte, NC
A city street with a church and pedestrians in uptown Charlotte, NC. Contemporary photography, Rick Hovis.
contemporary black and white street photography image of a man walking past an alley in the city.
A man running while carrying a large bench.
A woman with horizontal stripes on her coat walking down the sidewalk past a building with horizontal stripes.
Several people at a street fair. Contemporary street, Rick Hovis, Charlotte.
A man walking by a building with his reflection showing in the glass wall of a building
A man photographed with a slow shutter speed  and motion walking with big strides. Art photography, Charlotte, NC
People crossing a city street with tall buildings. Photographed with slow shutter speed and camera movement.
A man in black crossing a city street in front of a moving white truck after it rained.
A man walking fast in uptown Charlotte. Contemporary street, Rick Hovis.
A man crossing a city street in Charlotte, North Carolina
A woman jogging through a tunnel by a creek
Wigs on several mannequin heads in a storefront window.
A stylish man in a suit wearing a hat walking on the sidewalk past a one way sign.
Three young men on steps leading to a sidewalk.
A young man walking on a city sidewalk  while vaping and exhaling.
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