silhouette of three people walking through a steel tunnel made of shipping containers
man walking past his reflection in a window
person in the shadows
a cow standing in front of several other cows in front of a barn
Three round lights reflecting in the window of a vacant office building in uptown Charlotte North Carolina
many people walking past a church on a city street
a woman in a horizontal striped winter coat walking down a city sidewalk past  a wall that has horizontal metal vents on it
view looking down steps at part of two legs as the person walks by
a window looking into a vacant office space viewed from a city sidewalk
artistic motion blur of three people walking in unison past a building with archways
people on a county fair carousel swing
blurry artistic image of a person standing in front of a building with large columns
african american man walking past the Il Grande Disco sculpture in uptown charlotte north carolina
a man standing on the other side of a tall chain link fence
silhouette of two men walking thru contemporary breezeway
african american man in a black suit and hat walking past a one way sign on a sidewalk
silhouette of a man in a hooded sweatshirt walking on a city sidewalk past strong dramatic shadows on the side of a concrete wall
a african american man in a baseball cap walking past an alleyway that has cobblestones
a man walking on a city sidewalk with his image being reflected in a large window
A young African American man in a hoodie. Contemporary street photography
a man in a white t shirt and shorts carrying a bench
a man on a sidewalk looking down a city street before crossing
silhouette of a man walking bristle across a sidewalk with large office buildings in the background
one single light fixture in a dark vacant parking garage
three young men on stairs leading down to a city sidewalk
A lone man walking down a city sidewalk past a parking garage.
A man in a pork pie hat standing on a city sidewalk as people pass by
blurry image of people walking on the boardwalk at charleston harbour
A man crossing a city street in Charlotte, North Carolina
A man pointing to another man in an urban setting crossing a sidewalk.
A man wearing black crossing a city street after it rained in front of a moving white truck
blurry image of a man in a polo shirt walking down a sidewalk with a checkered wall in the background
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