WSOC news anchor and reporter Allison Latos in her kitchen. editorial photography
A seated young African American man photographed for an editorial photo shoot at The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture. magazine photography
University Of North Carolina At Charlotte marching band member photographed at the schools football field on the fifty yard line at night. editorial photographer charlotte
A female executive in a purple outfit photographed at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC
Children's book author Naomi Shibles in her living room.
African American man with a photograph of his Great  Grandmother kneeling at her grave site. editorial photographer in charlotte
WBTV news anchor Maureen O Boyle photographed in her home for Charlotte Magazine.
Smiling singer songwriter Derek McFarlan playing his acoustic guitar while lying on a couch.
Environmental portrait of Nimisha Srivastava at her home. editorial portrait
An African American boy carrying his younger brother on his back.
A male K9 handler together with his German Shepherd dog beside a barn. k9 photography
Man with cigar and leather jacket on motorcycle
A young black man in a yellow shirt sitting in front of a vintage car at night. location photography
A young Caucasian woman on a farm with a barn in the background. location portrait
Asian male financial advisor in the office looking at his computer display.
Jorge Fernandez in front of a large mural in his office. editorial photo
Weatherman Larry Sprinkle photographed in the studio at WBTV News in Charlotte, NC.
A man smiling and leaning against a red brick wall playing his acoustic guitar. location photography charlotte nc
An muscular African- American man in a white tank top and a wedding cake eating cake icing. editorial photography
Carrie Bernstein outside with her dog
Brian Grossman of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company posing for a portrait at the North Carolina location. magazine editorial
A Caucasian man in a brown tweed jacket at his textile manufacturing plant in North Carolina
a Caucasian woman on her front porch with her German Shepherd dog. k9 photography
Owners of Petit Philippe Wine Shop in Charlotte, North Carolina
A man with glasses leaning against a piece of printing equipment
Caucasian middle age man in a company hallway
Caucasian woman with dark hair in the back of a pickup truck with her German shepherd dog
a man holding a large stack of nicely wrapped red presents at Duke Mansion in Charlotte NC
reflection of a young Caucasian woman's face in the mirror
A young Caucasian woman in a custom made dress sitting against an old concrete wall
a line cook outside the restaurant where he works smoking a cigarette. charlotte, nc photographer
a smiling young African-American man in a baseball hat and red flannel shirt. commercial photographer in charlotte
a Caucasian woman in a red work jacket along with her German Shepherd dog in the entrance to an old barn
An African-American sitting in a red restaurant booth
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